Blue Gingham dog collar

The PR+CO IN THE NAVY comes with silver hardware keeping your pup walking instyle.

PR+CO collars come in various sizes

To ensure comfort & the perfect fit please refer to the size guide below

All collars are come with an adjustable slider.




Please ensure you measure your dogs neck and allow a two finger gap between your dogs neck and the collar

Size Width Length
XS 2.0cm 23-30(cm) (approx 9.1-11.8")
S 2.0cm 31-41(cm) (approx 12.2-16.1")
M 2.5cm 42-48(cm) (approx 16.5-18.9")
L 2.5cm 49-55(cm) (approx 19.3-21.7")
XL 2.5cm
56-62(cm) (approx 22.0-24.4")




Size Width Length
XS 2.0cm 110(cm) (Approx 43.3in)
S 2.0cm 110(cm) (Approx  43.3in)
M 2.5cm 120(cm) (Approx 47.2 in)
L 2.5cm 120(cm) (Approx   47.2 in)
XL 2.5cm 120(cm) (Approx   47.2 in)

Colours may vary slighty , due to different monitor display

Refunds or exchanges will not be accepted for wrong sizing or change of mind

Size M
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